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What our members have to say:


Just a very quick note to express our deepest gratitude to Community Futures, Taking Care of Business program.
The information and the quality of instruction is easy to follow and as in depth as you would like it to be.
If the questions are out of the courses parameters, the instructor has always been available to answer our question on a one to one basis at a later date.
Personally, I can't believe that these classes aren't overflowing with "business students" to improve there businesses. These courses have truly made a positive impact on our business.
Thank You
LeafCommunity Futures BC


Taking Care of Business has offered so many workshops in support of Small Business; I have taken many and benefitted from each of them. Recently I participated in Digital Marketing 101 which was presented by Elizabeth Ross. The workshop contained an abundance of information and was presented in a way that was so easy to understand. Elizabeth is one of those people who delivers the information you need with just the right touch of humour to keep you engaged. And she is always willing to spend as much time as it takes to ensure that everyone has their questions and concerns addressed. Thank you to Taking Care of Business and Elizabeth for another job well done!
LeafSun Country

From Beds to Bowls

The Digital Marketing 101 course was great! I do not have any previous marketing experience and I feel much more confident about developing my own marketing plans going forward. I learned about a lot of valuable tools in the course that I had no idea were out there!
LeafNorth Cariboo

Old Ochiltree Ranch

I am TakingCareOfBusiness with CommunityFutures. As an Ag producer, it has been a great way to expand my knowledge base and grow my business skills during our “down-time”. I utilized Community Futures to start a small (different) business many years ago and will continue to reach out to them for business support. I have enjoyed all the sessions attended and every presenter has been excellent and available for follow-up if required. Check out the workshops; there are many topics to choose from, and NEW workshops are added regularly.” Megan Flatt, Old Ochiltree Ranch
LeafCariboo Chilcotin

Cariboo Orthotics

I have been enjoying the community futures programs since opening my business in 2017. I have done in-person business development and planning work in Williams Lake and some shorter, virtual programs through Quesnel. I am always interested in upgrading my skills and have found those relating to social media and internet presence to be the most helpful recently, as they always seem to be changing AND it is the part of business promotion that is always pushed to the back burner for me. Thank you Community Futures!
LeafCariboo Chilcotin


If you are looking for resources and support for your business, the Team at Community Futures and the Taking Care of Business program are absolutely phenomenal. Our team members were fortunate to attend the webinars of the Taking Care of Business Program which have been an incredible learning and professional development opportunity. The CF Team and their webinar facilitators are knowledgeable, competent, and supportive. We appreciate the opportunity very much and look forward to participating in the future!
LeafFraser Fort George

Redfish Poke Bowls

Taking Care of Business is an amazing resource for all small businesses. They made all difference in getting our business off the ground and keeping it growing! The Quesnel Team is absolutely amazing and go above and beyond to offer their support and any resources available.

They work behind the scenes thanklessly, to build, drive, and shape small businesses in Quesnel. They make the opening of a small business in Quesnel friendly, easy, and approachable. They really care about the people behind the businesses and give them the tools needed to thrive.
LeafNorth Cariboo


In the last 12-16 months we have an the opportunity to work with what I like to call our 3 business partners. The three partners are Community Futures, Northern Development Initiative Trust, and the College of New Caledonia. From the bottom of our hearts we appreciate all of your support and a sincere Thank You .
LeafFraser Fort George

Woodlands Fishin resort

I had my meeting with Jim Harris which I won through Community Future taking care of business Conference. Our meeting ran over from the hour to hour and half. It was a really big push for me. His insight and my drive made a great team, this was the push and is the big push moving forward. I have a plan with new ways to pivot and add to my growing business. I have a new fire and I'm excited to get started in some of the ideas Jim and I discussed. Thank you all at Community Future for giving me this opportunity and the extra push to pivot and grow my business. Let the pivoting begin. Lol
LeafCariboo Chilcotin


I have been amazed by what this program has to offer!This sponsorship is very appreciated. The opporunity to not only enjoy a workshop that is pertinent to my business, but to be able to interact one-on-one with the presenters is an immeasurable value to me. This is the opportunity I needed for an extra boost to success in the difficult present social environment.
LeafPeace Liard

Titanium Functional Health

Digital Marketing 101 was just what I needed to help me understand social media better plus the variety of ways I could use it to improve my business brand. Thank you!
LeafThompson Country

Lytton & District Chamber of Commerce Visitor Information Centre

“Digital Marketing 101”, was probably one of the best Zoom coursed I’ve participated in. The material covered was practical and relevant to my work at our Visitor Centre! So many great tips and resources were shared!
The presenter, Elizabeth Ross, was engaging, upbeat and definitely exuded her passion and expertise.
I thoroughly enjoyed all of the new learnings over the 8 sessions and absolutely recommend it to others! Thank goes to Elizabeth and to Community Futures for the opportunity!
LeafSun Country

Kaleidoscope Healing

As a micro-business, I have been hit extremely hard by the COVID19 pandemic and realized that my current business model needs major restructuring. I am hugely grateful to Community Futures and the Taking Care of Business program for the free online programs I was able to access over the past couple of months. If I have learned only one thing it's how little I really know and how much more I still need to learn in order to pivot successfully. I hope that TCoB will continue to offer training. Thank you for all the amazing work you do!
LeafSun Country

Museum of the Cariboo Chilcotin

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in several workshops put on through Community Futures, Taking Care of Business. Most recently completing the Digital Marketing 101 and the Instagram for Success workshops. All workshops I have attended have been wonderful! Very informative and thorough on the topics, as well as lots of help was offered both during the course and after the course. By attending these workshops, it has expanded my knowledge and allowed me to strengthen my skills and abilities within my position, and enhance our businesses marketing. Thank you to everyone to helped put on these great workshops, it is greatly appreciated!
LeafCariboo Chilcotin

Original Holidays

Elizabeth Ross is fantastic! I took part in the two week Digital Marketing 101 class and learned more than I ever imagined. Our business is needing to do a 360 degree turn. Part of this "turn" is the need to understand and implement a digital marketing strategy. The course was well organized, had great structure and hit all the key topics. Elizabeth was upbeat, kind, patient and engaging. Thanks to this opportunity, we have a better handle on our next steps which we are confident will assist us as we transition and attract new opportunities. These are tough times for business and programs like these mini-boot camps are ideal for business owners who need to hit the ground running. THANK YOU!! We feel far more prepared to hit the "launch" button and engage in social media.
LeafThompson Country

Patsyjean's Gardens

After attending the Digital Marketing 101 course I feel I can now drive into marketing my business with more confidence. The "knowhow" I've gained eases the transition to online marketing.
Elizabeth made the process fun as well as information packed! I highly recommend this course.
LeafThompson Country

Chilcotin Holidays

Amazing workshops. Dedicated teachers. Can only recommend. We have benefited greatly being able to be part of community futures! Thanks so much for making this possible :) Looking forward to be part of more workshops in the future.
LeafSun Country

PS Social + Photo

I feel very fortunate to have been able to participate in several online workshops and round table discussions facilitated by Community Futures. As a business owner, spending time away from the business to do training just for me is a challenge, but the value I have gained from all of the information and resources has been completely worth it!

Elizabeth is a fantastic facilitator and really gives everyone the time to understand as well as be heard.

I highly recommend the Taking Care of Business workshops and I know I will be checking monthly to see what is coming next.

Thank you for such an amazing service for our community.
LeafThompson Country

Beast 2 Beauty Bar

Great organization to work with from beginning with a business plan to getting funding. Thank-you for the extra assistance through covid & advancements in education for the business. Reccomended 100%
LeafCariboo Chilcotin
PacifiCanGovernment of Canada

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