Specific Training 

Your business could be reimbursed for up to $7500 in training costs - training that is specific to your business! 

You should also know, that reimbursement applies for all training that has been approved from
April 1st, 2020 through March 31st, 2021.

As a Gold Leaf Member of the Taking Care of Business Program, you can apply to be an Eligible Organization for the Specific Training. 

With your business membership number, complete the Eligible Organization application today!  We will need a few more details for this application! 

Once approved, you can submit your requests for reimbursement of Specific Training.  Remember, this is training for your owners, managers and employees! 

Do you want to take advantage of this fabulous opportunity but not sure where to find the training you need?

    Not a problem.  We have business professionals ready to help you find the training that you want/need for your business. 

Would like to hire a coach or a consultant to help you grow/pivot your business? 

    We got you covered!  You can check out our list of pre-approved business coaches/consultants or make a request for your own coach/consultant. 

Not sure traditional training is the answer for your business? 

    That's okay too, Taking Care of Business program will be hosting Peer Mentoring Sessions where you can Share, Build and Grow your business using practical strategies from experienced entrepreneurs throughout Northern BC. 





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